IDA desalination world congress. 09-13 October 2022.

26 February, 2023

IDA desalination world congress. 09-13 October 2022, Sydney, Australia.

Title: Pre-treatment requirements for produced water treatment using FO-MD hybrid systems.

This talk primarily focused on different contaminants that attach firmly to the forward osmosis (FO) and membrane distillation (MD) membranes and cannot be removed by physical cleaning methods.  Pre-treatment of such foulants is suggested using the electro-coagulation technique.

Event details: This was a five-day in-person event arranged by the international desalination association (IDA). The event included parallel technical sessions and an exhibition, and it attracted a 500+ audience, including experts from academia and industry. The attendees highly appreciated the presentation of Dr. Muhammad Saqib Nawaz and the work of Prof. Ghaffour’s group.